Airport Approved
Approved by TSA as disposable footwear that can be worn through the checkpoint areas where shoes are prohibited. Disposable, Spunbonded polypropylene gives a layer of protection between your feet and the surface.
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Health Risks
Customer Raves
The lab identified a mold from McCarron Airport in Las Vegas as trichophyston, which causes ringworm and favus, a nasty disease of the scalp.

The next test was from Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix, where samples were lifted to test for bacteria.

Scientists found bacteria and fungus unique to the areas where passengers removed their shoes.

"I do have concerns over the organisms you found," Lee said. "Staphylococcus causes skin infections that goes deep through the layers and people who are sensitive can pick it up

I never thought twice about what was lying in the fibers of the airport carpets. But after a friend told me about Travel Booties and all the health issues that have been documented I'll never travel again without my booties
C. Cuttingham,
Las Vegas, Nevada

Although I never considered myself a germ freak, I never liked going barefoot in a high traffic area like an airport. I used travelbooties and was able to put my mind at ease.
Kathy B
Star, Idaho

After reading what germs & diseases are rampant in airport carpets I will never go barefoot or sit on an airport floor again. Thanks to travel booties I won't have to.
Dane C.
Meridian, Idaho


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